Multi-site Exposed 2

The second session of Leadership Network’s Multi-Site Exposed was a choice of a number of break out sessions.  Since, I have held responsibility for the children’s minsitry for the past year (althougth it is more and more transitioning to Jason), I got to attend the children’s ministry break out.  It was a panel of children’s leaders, one from each brand of multi-site represented at the conference.  Here’s some thoughts I heard and some things I processed:

  • A great children’s ministry needs a great leader who thinks that children’s ministry is the most important thing that a church does (sidenote: this is probably true for the leader of any ministry in the local church).
  • Kids ministry leaders need to love children, parents and systemic thinking
  • Christ the King does large ministry divisions in order to keep more siblings together
  • Common challenges: space, money, volunteers and continual change
  • I propose a great evaluator for the health of the church: the number of men involved in the children’s ministry?
  • How is the cause of children’s ministry championed at your church?
  • call teachers >> room leaders
  • How can each ministry teach that the family is the lead center of discipleship (more than lip-service)?
  • Christ the King Resource site: Kids Faith

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