4 Stevenson, The Ripple Church

What is your church doing to multiply?ripple church cover

Phil Stevenson wrote The Ripple Church as a model and encouragement for pastors and church planters.  I had to read this book for my church planting class at PESM, adn it has been adopted as the preferred model of starting new churches in my conference.  In the past my conference has participated in parachute drops (putting a lone planter and family in a city with the purpose of starting a new church, with just financial fupport and a bunch of encouragement).

The ripple model is for current churches to be highly participative in new church plants.  Stevenson writes in order to convince current pastors that having a bigger (read: higher attendance) church is not neccesarily the best way to increase ministry impace.  By planting (or at least participating in the planting of) new churches, there is a multiplication of ministry impact.  When a church is simply attemping to increase attendance, then the impact is simply addition.  Everybody knows that multiplication is better than addition, right?

Here’s some good quotes:

  • (15) “A few courageous leaders have done what few in the twenty-first century church are willing to do.  They have turned their focus outward, planting new churches rather than simply gathering more people into existing ones.  These ripple churches have become points of impact for a movement that is spreading around the world.”
  • (16) “Today, the church desperately needs a new generation of leaders that is willing to swim against the current.”
  • (143) quoting John Beilein, “Rules without relationships equals rebellion.”



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