5 Ford, The Power of Story

This book was assigned to me for my preaching class at PESM.  It was confusing, because it is really an evangelism book, more than a traditional preaching book.  However, I really did appreciate this book because it comes from Leighton Ford, who is a part of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.  For a book on evangelism in a postmodern world to come from an organization that has been incredibly successful in a modern context brings a lot of encouragement to me.  So, this book, published in 1994, was a forerunner to the emerging church/postmodern boom in Christian publishing and it has been widely overlooked because it was so contextualized and surprising from the BGEA.

Here’s some highlights:

  • (29) “Society is changing, values are changing, and ways of perceiving reality are changing.”
  • (30) this page gives a great and concise summary of the Einsteinian shift, the biggest (I believe) shift in current culture, which most church leaders give no consideration to.
  • (146) “Even though our postmodern generation has lost faith in the power of God, people are still hungry for personal empowerment, a sense that their lives are under control, and inner direction.”

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