Multi-site Exposed 7

As a side note, I have just received word that all of the general sessions have been made available through the ReSurgence.  I encourage you to check them out.

The final session of Leadership Network’s Multi-site Exposed conference in Seattle was a general session with Mark Driscoll.  He’s an outstanding leader who has been focused on multiplication of the ministry for a long time now.  He’s also a strong male speaker, which is inspiriational to many young men – hence the number of young men who are finding Jesus through Mars Hill Church.  Here’s some key points he made mixed in with some of my thoughts along the way:

  • Prophet, Priest, King
  • Why, Who, how
  • theoloians, emerging/missional, megachurch
  • strongest church leadership teams have all three aspects of the leadership of Jesus on them
  • in the New Testament, leadership is not necessarily local
  • there are regional chruch networks
  • (1Cor 9:20-23), “by all means”
  • multi-site leader must be gifted as a church planter, it is a new way of planting
  • Historical Reasons for multi-stie: there have always been networks, denominations and movements.  This is really Methodism 2.0
  • Practical reasons for multisite: 80ft. is where you need to start using video magnification
  • 60-80% of churches in America are plateaued or declining, 3500 die and close every year
  • Commuting: work, play, live: don’t plant where they live, plant where they play because that is where they wish they were
  • name recognition
  • better care
  • Technological reasons: we are all on a cutting edge, just what edge are you on?
  • the edge of the 13th centurty if you’ve got pews
  • the edge of the 14th centurty if you’ve got an organ, which was only used in pubs up till the 14th century, when it was brought into churches to be used for the gospel
  • the edge of the 15th centurty if your primary communication means is printed, because this is when the printing press was invented
  • the edge of the 19th century if you use electircity to magnify your audio
  • interestingly Thomas Edison invented video, patented it and gave it to his church – and the church rejected it.  What are we rejecting today?  Then 7 of the first 10 movies ever made had the the word passion in the title because they were about Jesus.
  • There are more video screens in churches than in theaters.  if you want to get a message to the people…where are the screen?
  • the edge of 1995 if you’ve got a website
  • so, once you know what year you are on, don’t just jump to 2008 – instead firgure out where you are and then move forward.  This will create a culture of innovation in your church.  A culture of innovation is infinitely more valuable than inovation itself.
  • essential elements of a church must be defined if a church is going to consider multisite or planting.  Driscoll says: Word, Sacrament, Leaders, Discipline, Community, Christians, Gathered and Scattered Worship

Multi-site Exposed 6

I think I may have mixed up the order of the seesions I attended, but here’s the info anyways…

The next session of Leadership Network’s Multi-site Exposed conference was a breakout session. I attended a session on organizational structure and leadership (I know – you’re really excited to read abou that!) with Jamie Munson and Tim Beltz. It was interesting, but since I am doing work on the Strategic Leadership Team for our church, it really wasn’t a whole mess of new information, mostly new diagrams to explain things, which is just as useful as the information itself. However, when talking organizationally and utilizing a lot of pictures, flow charts and diagrams, you need electronic copies of them, which they didn’t give away so you won’t be seeing them here.
The main thrust of their talk was the expense of consultant services, the need for excellent leadership and leadership development and the difficulty of thinking through strategic leadership all the way to implementation.

Great Worship Idea

I brought our teens to Acquire the Fire this weekend and was super amped that David Crowder would be leading worship. They did (as usual) an excellent and inspiring job, though they had to explain the 80’s a bit since much of the crowd barely remembers the 90’s! Here’s a great video of David Crowder Band at the GMA’s. I have always wanted to preach a sermon about creation and have it happening all around the room. This is the closest I’ve seen yet.

Stuff Christians Like

I found this excellent new blog that talks about current Christian trends, expecially in evangelicalism. It’s pretty funny because it’s so acurate. Here’s a few that are mentioned:

#11. Thomas Kinkaide

#12. Getting awesome in a certain number of steps.

#16. Greeting the people around you.

#17. Unspoken prayer requests.

#40. Ignoring the Sabbath.

#47. Rooting for secret Christians on American Idol.

#71. Calling things “postmodern”.

#78. Using the Christian ‘F’ word (fine).

#97. Getting angry that Ned Flanders slept with that girl.

#106. The side hug.

#135. Dave Ramsey.

# 146. Casually writing books about God.

#162. Pimping your kids from the pulpit.

I mean seriously…

72% of youth ministers in America have goatees, according to a recent study by Christianity Today.

Have you seen Jesus?

This woman did.

flowers in a bottle


Multi-site Exposed 5

dave browningThe next session of Leadership Network’s Multi-site Exposed conference was a general session with the leaders of Christ the King, Dave Browning.  His version of multi-site looks the most like an organic version of a denomination.  With untold number of sites all over the world, CtK is a story of resources home groups and equipping them to become churches.  Interesting thoughts and insight from Dave Browning during this talk.  Probably the best insight (for me) was when he pointed out that there are 3 types of people in any given church.  The first is those who will, then those who won’t, then those who can’t.  Browning tells churches that CtK is a great church for the first and third kinds of people, but those who won’t will have a horrible experience at a CtK church because they are all about the mission.

The best part of the whole hand out was a little chart based on a statement from Carl George, who posits that the future will reveal very large churches that either resemble elephants or a field of mice.  Both can do damage, but in very different ways.  CtK takes the mice approach, and Browning developed a chart to describe the difference.  It’s very, very long.  If you want a copy, you’ll have to contact me.