Stand Up, Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus

Without a doubt, this is hillarious. I absolutely need to figure out how to use this.

I want to like write down all the funny lines in it, but the whole stupid thing just makes me laugh !!


9 thoughts on “Stand Up, Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus

  1. Holy crap! This is friggin awesome! totally do this your last Sunday. It’s true, real men piss on the wall. I love it. ” Most Church leaders pee sitting down. This was epic.


  2. Uhh… wow. That’s pretty special.

    Though it would be cool if the Bible translators tried harder to preserve some of that kind of language. Maybe it’s vulgar, but we kind of view the Bible as speaking in kind of religious tones, and a little colour here and there helps to remind us that it has stories about and written by real people. One of my profs also suggests some meaning or emphasis is lost in ‘censorship’ – take for example Philipians 3:8, where the NIV employs ‘rubbish’. Other translations have ‘garbage’, ‘refuse’, ‘dung’, ‘turds’, ‘dirt’, ‘filth’, or ‘dregs’, but it feels like they’re either trying to use old or euphemistic language, and so the words don’t really carry the weight.


  3. Ok this was funny and me and a friend had to look up in the bible and sure enough its there all right….i know im not sittin down no more…


  4. Fantastically out of line. Living in Germany for a year myself, I can testify as to the merrit of this “males” sermon, many businesses and homes have sighns in the bathroom prohibiting urination while standing. But I think that there is a reason that the women of Germany have made it a rule, many a man with bad aim has made their unoptional sitting a bad experience, which brings us to the issue of gun control in Europe. If guns were more accessable in Germany, then the men of germany would be better at aiming, and therefor within the realm of logic I just experienced, God’s not just saying that a real mans pees standing up but also reveals a tactic of the enemy to make it harder for us to pee standing up, gun control. Gods not just saying to stand up and pee but also that guns make you a real man. God bless America.


  5. I love that this guy is on youtube – he systematically insults the whole nation of germany, all pastors, the president and everyone who lives their life in a wheel chair – all for their urinary positioning.

    I hope the German government finds this and tracks him and arrests him for standing to pee!

    My favorite line so far in these comments: “…which brings us to the issue of gun control in Europe…”



  6. *snickers.*

    due to the fact that the volume was low when I first saw it, I thought he was saying that men were supposed to sit down while urinating.


  7. So since Ive seen this video ive taken every opprotunity I go to stand up. And I completely agree about gun control and missing the toilet being directly related. I find that playing first person shooter video games not only improves your aim, but also your recovery time and speed when you find yourself droneing off and suddenly realize your hitting the seat. Excellent point Craig.


  8. I wonder why he is fixated on this? I didn’t even laugh until about half way through it was so… unique. I was just trying hard to figure out where he was going. Hurt my brain. Why don’t you ever preach sermons like this James?


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