Loose Change

tonight we are going to have an ending party to the youth ministry’s Loose change to Loosen Change campaign.

We’re trying to raise 200 pounds of change to be able to send to International Justice Mission so they can use it to free more and more people from the bonds of slavery.

Should be a great night.

UPDATE: the kids brought in 136 pounds of change!! We haven’t counted it yet, but it’s a lot of money!


Searches that land here

Words that people end up here from, with frequency.

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17. re-orient

Lent 10

Saturday’s lent reading gives this quote, the author’s prayer during a crises in vocation, education and calling,

“I cannot believe that you intend the best years of my life as a disciple of jesus Christ to be experienced between the ages of nineteen and twenty-one. I cannot accept that I have peaked in my experience of you and the church and that I am to spend the rest of my life going through the motions. I cannot accept this.”

I really hate the way the worldly trait of youth worship has seeped into the church. High school should only be the best years of your life if you are in high school. In the world, youth is worshipped as the thing we wish we all were. There are very few television shows with old heroes. I have heard people brag about high school sports endeavors ten years removed from high school – like they have been living memories for a decade. When does it stop?

In the church, we have also succumbed to this “memory living” as student ministries are living front edge of the gospel and many, many adults are content to ride their pew into eternity. As a leader, I really hope that we can figure out how to break through the numbness that so many churched adults live in and bring people back to that first love for Christ – that which they (at least 85% of them) first experienced as a teenager.

May we live more fully everyday.

Lent 9

Today Tim Keel talks about his expereinces in growing frustrated with being in youth ministry in a time when games where the most important part of the agenda and churched kids were entertained as much as possible in order to distract them from the evil (and fun) ways of the world.

Tim does what most young frustrated leaders do – seminary. Yet at seminary he experiences much of the same frustrations, as the institutions are forced to demand requirments that support the institution or else we’ll dive into a version of Christianity that has deregulated leadership (and we all know what happens when we don’t standardize…taking tongue out of check…).

Anyways – seminary is frustrating for most young leaders as they’re living in a holding pattern that seems to never end. I understand that and I think today’s application would have to be to encourage some young leaders to act on their frustrations and put their energy to work in the kingdom of God – rather than just staying up late and complaining.


Foo Fighters

I am listening to the Foo Fighters here on my office couch right now as I do some studying. They are just one of those bands who just sound so much better when their music is loud enough to fill the room.

I wonder how they do that? How do you make a record where the awesomeness is directly related to the volume? In order to find out, let’s make a list of other records that hold to the same axiom. Then we can find some commonalities and postulate a thesis.

Also, let’s call the axiom: Grohl’s First Axiom. Of course, if we logically deduce further applications we will change this to Grohl’s First Theorem.

Lent 8

Perhaps the hardest discipline in reading through Intuitive Leadership by Tim Keel is not taking off with it and reading ahead. I have set small chunks for me to read each day. This is hard, because his dominant theme is to embrace narrative, metaphor and chaos. In this, he determines that the medium will be the message. His message is found in story form and he is just getting into the parts that are attractive. At the same time, Lent is a time of discipline, which is something I love to be able to have the Lord develop in me.

I am having conversations with high school students as they go through lent right now and it is so awesome to see them struggle through and be dedicated to letting God develop discipline in them. Just last night they even had a whole (loud) discussion on what fits the category of fast food. What they don’t realize is that they are really trying to figure out how to deal with the temptaion of legalism that invades people who are seeking discipline.

Anyways…what I really want to remark from my lent reading today is that I love watching college students who are really living life for Jesus. Not in a cultish kind of way, but in a way that gives life and shows how desperate they are to follow Jesus and live the gospel all around them.

If I could only hang out with three kinds of people for the rest of my life it would be:
1. New converts who are amazed at the love of Jesus
2. College students who don’t even realize what they are doing as they live out the gospel so fully.
3. People who sleep at my house. That means my family. They are easily awesome.

Lent 7

In today’s section of Keel, he writes of the difficulties of growth. Specifically he talks about the difficulty of growing something else.

Not much said in these 5 pages. Maybe I should take bigger chunks each day.