Organic Leadership

Over the last two weeks there has been no music at Kainos. A couple that is involved with our band were away as one of them was “enjoying” some surgery – so we thought it would be a good time to not sing. An organic congregation, I believe, behaves in this way. Instead of going out and getting some other people to fill holes, we decided the holes can stay empty if no one wants to fill them. We also went a few weeks with no childcare. It’s seriously great.

Also, last week I was away for schooling and Jason preached. I’m really thankful for that. And the kids particpated in sharing and one of the 1st (2nd?) graders lead a prayer time.

To me, this is what orgainc is. I love the Kainos folks for their willingness to explore. I can’t wait to see what’s around the corner.


One thought on “Organic Leadership

  1. I think it was interesting not having music. I would have sang, but didn’t know if that would be something others would really want to listen to. 🙂 It is cool to see how things play out at Kainos. Things are falling into place. I like to see the school-aged kids participating in the sharing time and prayer time. It gives them a sense of belonging to our church family.


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