Up until now Kainos has largely been an underground alt worship community – we have had no advertising of any kind. At least in part because we wanted to see what happenned…

Now, this is going to be our first wave of advertising and generating buzz. I think I am breaking the first rule of buzz creation, since I just told you what I was doing….but if you know a principle and knowingly violate it, that’s not breaking the rules, that’s good tactics. I learned that watching the Unit last night.

Each week Jason, our resident guru of digitailia, produces a podcast on itunes. If you have itunes you can search in podcasts for Kainos, or you can go to Kainos’ website and subscribe there. If you don’t have itunes, then you can just go to the website, or via the title link, and listen to a feed in internet explorere there.

Thanks y’all – hope you like it. Comment if you do, comment if you have any problems…


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