Worship Journal 1

For my schooling I have to keep a record of a worship journal. So I am going to post them here also.

1. September 12, 2007

I write this as class is finishing up so I am going to discuss class a bit. I really resonate with the consideration of the influence of Judaism on Christian worship. Today is actually Rosh Hashannah, Jewish New Year, which we normally celebrate with the youth ministry. I think I have a willingness to be experimental with my worship. I like to try new things or different traditions. Sometimes it’s a great experience, sometimes I don’t understand what’s going on at all. At the same time, though, an experimental attitude sometimes gets me in trouble with fundamentalists who think its this way or the highway.
I also appreciate in class the way that when we really actually look at the emerging church we can appreciate the contribution that they are making to the western church. This takes a bit of humility from both sides though. The emergents need to remember to be patient, and the ‘old school’ needs to remember that they are old (kidding…mostly).
One thing I am still wondering is about the relationship between worship and personal taste. I wonder if its alright for me to like a certain style and not like another. It seems normal to me and it seems biblical. I wonder, then, why people say that it is a sign of growth when I worship God in styles I don’t like. Wouldn’t that make me a faker? Hmmm….


4 thoughts on “Worship Journal 1

  1. Worship w/all your heart, soul, mind & strength…can you authentically do that when it’s in a “style” you don’t like? Growth measured = opinion? Hhmmm …


  2. as I thought about it it “clicked” that it is LOVE the lord your God with all your heart, sould, mind & strength…however I have always translated that into an expression of authentic worship….so….there you go! I totally disagree with “anyone” saying you are maturing if you are able to worship to a “style” you don’t like…it actually “inhibits” you from being able to…that’s “my” opinion =)


  3. That’s exactly what I am getting at – thank you scott – I feel like people who judge me for not doing their style of worship actually are saying that they love God more than me – – which is such a ridiculous notion, comparing something like that…


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