Top ten

I love Scot McKnight mostly because he is emergent without being a hipster. He is hosting the emerging conversation/book promotion tour when it goes down to Austin and posted a Top Ten List of why you should go to an emergent event. It’s killer funny.


New Orleans Video

Here’s the video we presented to the church highlighting our team in new orleans.

Jr. high

I haven’t blogged nearly any enough lately – I am having a little case of the burn-outs and trying to work through that. Here’s some preliminary reports on my summer though:

I got to be the speaker at our conference junior high camp this year and it was such a great time. I really enjoyed seeing God work in the lives othe tweens and being able to lead them through some great scriptures. I think many people don’t give them as much credit as they deserve – in some moments they are astoundingly mature and focused people – the problem is many people can’t get over the moments that they are wild, crazy and not thinking consequentially.

I loved it though – I was probably most nervous just speaking in front of my peer youth pastors – that’s a little more intimidating, but they were really encouraging and it was great to experience this all.

Cody’s New Orleans

Just got back from helping rebuild New Orleans. This is a video that Cody, one of our sophmore boys made. I know Cody made it because of all the flying scenes – Cody loves airplanes.

Monday in New Orleans

here’s what a group did today – can’t write much since it’s after lights out – but the kids are doing so great – it’s hotter and humid than imaginalbe, but everyone is really sticking to it – later

Welcome to New Orleans

here’s our first shots in new orleans


So I saw this link for a friend wheel on Marko’s blog and did mine and I love it. Facebook is way better than myspace for fun and really cool networking – everyone around here still uses myspace, but facebook is better. At the very least, there’s less porn, which always a bonus!

Here’s my friend-wheel.It’s a list of all my peeps on facebook and their connections to each other. It kinda groups my life into free-flowing groups with which I interact.