Sweet 1

I am reading The Gospel According to Starbucks and it has questions throughout it called, “Brewed for Thought” and I am going to make it a habit to stop reading the book and blog my answers to the questions. This will be frustrating, but I think it will make the whole book better for me.

I am trying not to be hyper-manic in my reading habits and I think this will slow me down and bit which is really good for me.

1. If you could get together with just one person from history fro coffee
and conversation (other than Jesus) whom would that person be? Why that

I have some obvious answers to this question, but I am hesitant to meet some people because I am afraid that I will be disappointed (Guevara, Alex the Great, Apostle Thomas/Peter, C.S. Lewis). Like I am afraid that my image of them is actually a lot better than who they really were. So, if there was only one non-Jesus person, I’d have to choose Mike Yaconelli, because I know exactly what I would get when meeting with him and I would really love that.


One thought on “Sweet 1

  1. Funny, my AP History teacher is making my class do the same thing. We have to write a three page paper on who in history we’d want to meet and why.

    I chose Joan of Arc.


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