Sweet 4

Why do you think the business world plugged into the power of evangelism just as the church seems to have lost the vision?

I think, at it’s heart, the Christian message of the good news of hope, is a revolutionary, inspiring and joyous message. In some places and in some people that motivates them to evangelize in a way that is not a sales pitch or manipulative argument. I think that many people (including many who take up pew space on the weekend) find their revolution, inspiration and joy in their work/company/career because the Christianity that they have been presented with is none-of-the-above. Why wouldn’t the concepts of evangelism move with the passions of the masses?


Sweet 3

Is nothing sacred?

Really…ok…nope – but everything is sacred. The question comes by looking at the Nike symbol as half of the fish symbol, which I figure is pretty fine with me. I think we haven’t even taken good care of our symbols. The fish was a subversive symbol when it began and now we slap it on anything that doesn’t move – and cars, trucks and planes! This is a major difference between Starbucks and the USAmerican churches – one thinks and acts with some semblance of brand management and the other does not. If we want some things to be more sacred (like marriage, the family, symbols, etc.) then we’ve got to stop giving them away to any organization or movement who asks for them.

Sweet 2

this might be a little too much, too many questions that i can”t hardley read anything…and its taking a long time writing this with my Q.
2. think about the historical figure you met for coffee. what did you talk about?

I would probably ask Yaconelli how he learned grace. i know about his stories from speaking gigs and such…but how did it play out in day-to-day life. and than i would ask him about Ys’ role in the emergent conventions and what they were hoping for there…


In 1980 my brother was born. I think he was born in Deep River. But maybe that was my sister. This is all very blurry. Once again, this “30” series will likely end better than it is beginning.

Sweet 1

I am reading The Gospel According to Starbucks and it has questions throughout it called, “Brewed for Thought” and I am going to make it a habit to stop reading the book and blog my answers to the questions. This will be frustrating, but I think it will make the whole book better for me.

I am trying not to be hyper-manic in my reading habits and I think this will slow me down and bit which is really good for me.

1. If you could get together with just one person from history fro coffee
and conversation (other than Jesus) whom would that person be? Why that

I have some obvious answers to this question, but I am hesitant to meet some people because I am afraid that I will be disappointed (Guevara, Alex the Great, Apostle Thomas/Peter, C.S. Lewis). Like I am afraid that my image of them is actually a lot better than who they really were. So, if there was only one non-Jesus person, I’d have to choose Mike Yaconelli, because I know exactly what I would get when meeting with him and I would really love that.


In 1979 I was two. It was another year of the same although I think we moved to Toronto this year. My dad was in the recording industry (as an electrician for a factory that made records) and i did the basic things that two year olds do. My parents definitely hit their “dress your kids 70’s style” kick and it was pretty rad. The pictures from 79 pretty much rule.

1979 was the UN international year of the child, and I was one, so that was pretty awesome. i really appreciated all the things the UN did for me that year. Stuff like…um….ohhh….BEATS ME!! Gay rights really took off this year. So didChina, hitting the 1 billion mark in population. There was also a lot of global terrorism. Tons of little squirmishes. LT21 was born and Mother Teresa was given the Nobel Peace Prize.

Good Stuff 1979!!


In 1978 I turned one. I probably moved and I probably did a lot of the same stuff as when I was zero in 1977. It was a good year.

Roman Polankshi left, Ted Bundy was arrested and Charlie Chaplin’s remains were stolen. Pete Rose got his 3000th hit and the world cup was hosted in Argentina. Interestingly Pope John Paul I was pope for 33 days this year.