Adams, Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage in the Bible

This book was assigned to me for PESM Counselling class. It is written by Jay E. Adams, a nouthetic counsellor, which basically means he believes the Bible has all we need to help people in counselling situations. I disagree with this.

Nevertheless, I read it and many people liek to declare it, “All they need is the WORD OF GOD!” which sounds very noble, but doesn’t always work out. I think God put creating ability within us and we are to develop sciences and theories and learn and grow and help each other as we have learned how.

In any case, Adams gives a pretty thorough examination of the relvant Scripture concerning marriage, divorce and remarriage. It is firey stuff because of the current high divorce rate within the church and the laxity with which we deal with the institution of marriage. It’s ironic to see some churches so vehemently confronting gay marriage, all the while watching families fall apart within them. We shouldn’t need to argue with policy and politics. Our message should come in our lives – the true description of Christianity.


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