Holiness and Emergence

I don’t have a category for holiness on this blog, which is rather surprising to you for two reasons: 1. I talk/write about it a lot and 2. I told you it was surprising for you, and that’s how spreaching works.

I really, honestly think that holiness movements and the Emergent movement are so intertwined that there need not be a distinction.

I really, honestly think that holiness denominations have fantastic positioning to reaching into a postmodern age, because of their holistic understanding of faith and life experience.

I really, honestly believe that holiness denominations have crippled themselves by moving their focus from freedom in life through methods to limiting everything out of a fear of losing their holiness.

I’d rather have a dirty holiness any day than a clean legalism.

Here’s what Scot McKnight points out in his post on holiness and emergence:

Here are the traits of the emerging movement according to Gibbs and Bolger: it is a list of holiness.

1. Identifying with Jesus.
2. Transforming secular space.
3. Living as community.
4. Welcoming the stranger.
5. Serving with generosity.
6. Participating as producers.
7. Creating as created beings.
8. Leading as a body.
9. Merging ancient and contemporary spiritualities.

Do you think this is a list of holiness attributes?


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