Oswalt, Called to be Holy

I had to read this book for my holiness class. It is pretty thourough and has a stellar beginning and ending. Sadly, it also has a middle that doesn’t move too fast as it repeatedly brings forth the same points using different viewpoints of Scripture. He lives a lot in the Old Testament, that is where his primary studies have been – and it has a lot of material that is of much value because of the historical context he puts it in.

Our denominational superintendent told us that this is his favorite book on holiness so I am going to have to go back to it and read it again someday a little slower – maybe as a devotional kind of thing like Scot McKnight does.

I find myself wondering if the calvinists have books that are this tedious

Here’s some fodder in the early a.m.:

>p.27 “If the giving of the covenant is primarily an expression of the grace of God, its content demonstrates the ethical character of God. That is, he treats persons in ways that are first of all consistent with their needs, and only secondarily with his.”

Now, looking over the book , there are chunks that I like, not really quotes; there is no chance that I am going to put whole pages of this book up on this blog. You can visit my office and take it if you are that needy for holiness theology.


One thought on “Oswalt, Called to be Holy

  1. i thought it was funny that you could possibly become a calvanist if they have easier books to read. that was funny, the way you make it sound i think everyone would be a calvanist then, haha that was funny



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