Theology of Failure

I am trying to develop a project for myself for summer. Right now I think it’s going to be on developing a theology of failure. I’ll write a book about how if you never fail then you are either Jesus or a liar. And since you don’t have a blue sash and a glowing halo…!

Topics will have to include the fall, tower of babel, noah’s drunkeness, exile, the disciples and the demon who wouldn’t leave, the cross, Peter’s hypocrasy…

any other ideas?


2 thoughts on “Theology of Failure

  1. Sir: Your question, “What does this
    (Snake Hunters Weblog) have anything to do with “Theology of Failure”…

    Your question Requires an Answer.
    I had spent my adult life searching
    for a ‘Creator God’. All I’ve found
    is self-serving fraud from ALL the major “Christian” Denominations.
    Their pious Claims fall flat upon
    close inspection. Now, the Grand
    Ayatollshs are playing this Game.
    They now have Oil Wealth, and the Observant Know…They want Nukes!
    That… Vast Power Corrupts!
    The major Televangelists also seek
    huge fortunes, begging $1000 “Seeds
    of Faith” pledges from the gullible
    Now the populations of the world
    are in serious jeopardy from a 1400
    year old THEOLOGY that forces a Kill-Culture on a billion people,
    and the Unaware Argue Local Politics!
    These rascals now seek Nuclear Capability, and Baby-boomers, and their Nincompoop kids are more interested in Madonna & Britney, Celebrity Worship, Pro-Football, &
    smoking Maui-Wowee, and soakin’ up
    Rap-Crap, Hip-Hop & BeeBop!
    So, this old soldier creates a Reality Weblog, with perhaps the foolish notion that a loud FireBell
    might waken a few Pinheads.
    If you do not “get it”, it’s my fault. I do not have the eloquence
    to reach you either. My History post, written by Raymond Kraft failed also, and he’s a bright lawyer. But, at least I’ve tried.
    Perhaps you might get a kernal of
    wisdom from the Psychology post.
    It deals with “Conditioning” or
    more quaintly, “Brain-washing”. reb


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