Purkiser, Exploring Christian Holiness: The Biblical Foundations

I read this book as a part of my masters class on holiness theology. Purkiser died 15 years ago, so I am not able to write him a letter to ask about some of his decisions in this book. Too bad. He was a pastor in the holiness movement and his publsher assures us that he is well liked.

The book works as a text book, as a resource for papers, but don’t expect to be inspired. It is a tedious survey of every scripture that even faintly leans into holiness theology. There are lots of block quotes, making a 230 page book out of a 150-er. However, wordiness is next to godliness when you have to write a ten page paper on holiness.

And now, here are some wonderful quotes and insights from the book:

>p.16 on Bonhoeffer, He “spoke out against any form of ‘cheap grace’ which promises forgiveness without calling for the living of a new life.”

> I think there is something about the way that holiness and fire equally induce a reaction of awe. This needs to be investigated…my thoughts

>p.26 “He who sanctifies others must himself be holy”
—-what are the implications of this statement on holiness and marriage?


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