Youth Ministry in the Emerging Church

There are some who believe that youth ministry will cease to exist in the emerging church. What that statement reveals is a belief that the current expression of youth ministry is the only possible expression. Youths will continue to be ministered to and they will continue to be agents of God’s kingdom – whether or not the traditional structures of youth ministry survive (on these structures: there are some I hope survive and some I hope die).

Youth ministry as a profession may cease. But this is a long way off – there will be many churches that hold on to modernistic structures for a very long time, so if your in college getting a degree in youth ministry – don’t worry…but focus your training on leadership (hope), Scripture (faith) and loving people (love)…these three are foundational for any ministry.


2 thoughts on “Youth Ministry in the Emerging Church

  1. I graduated with a youth ministry degree back in 2002 and YM has already changed so much since then! The degree should be only the beginning to the educational process, ya know?


  2. This is a very interesting article in content with an important conclusion. Ministry is not about traditions, or set guidelines. It’s not an equation where you can add what you are supposed to do to how you are supposed to do it and get perfect results. Ministry is “life on life” to quote Lecrae. It’s all about the relationships you build, and how you reflect Jesus in your faith, your hope, and your love.

    Tim- Everything you said is so true. A degree in youth ministry has little to no meaning if your life is not involved in it. If you don’t recognize that you always need to be learing and growing and changing. Keep up the good work.

    I graduated from a program called Masters Commission where we combine accredited bible college courses with hands on ministry training and intense discipleship. Check it out at


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