So, recapping these events is taking me forever, but I will continue for posterity sake…when I’m all done, I put links up to conflagarate things.

10am – we rolled out for the 10am general session…missed the early 8 am seminars…too bad…then we noticed the speaker was Matthew Barnett from something called the Dream Center – this was not enough motivation to keep us away from Downtown disney

11am-2pm – Downtown Disney – my kind of dream center.

2-4:30pm – Afternoon Seminars. The first one I attended was MarkO‘s “Leading Change” It was nice and helpful with some key ideas for me to apply.

  • He took some stuff from Collins’ Good to Great on Level 5 leadership and reconciled it with a gospel understanding.
  • he then talked about how most youth-pastors are classic self-promoters, which keeps them from level 5 leadership. This is mainly because youth pastors are always playing the martyr (see my notes on the late night future of youth ministry forum…)
  • had a great quote towards the middle:

Find the best person you can find and hire her/him; unless s/he’s a jerk, then hire the second best person. Because life’s too short too work with jerks.

About half way through I jetted (there were no more blanks, and the rest was referenced to books that I can pick up) and went over to the Marriot and picked up some starbucks and brought some too Heather. I got frustrated with the stupid Hilton lobby’s lack of cell phone service and the absolutely ridiculous elevators. I learned the hotel’s stair system.

We all went to disney again for dinner with everyone in our larger group – it didn’t work as well in practice as in theory. Good to touch base though. Heather and Lacy bailed early to get to the rock show, and shortly thereafter the boys did too.

7:30-10pm – Front row for Crowder again – is Jeremy losing his sanctification by getting us these seats? One of the opening singers was Shaun Groves who is no longer with a label and so said he would email whoever wanted his album for free. I love that Christian musicians are acting more and more like givers instead of celebrities!! Then there was comedy and then, I think it was tonight, there was an illusionist and Lacy got up on stage as his volunteer. She was shaking, there’s video!! I need to post in the you tube – right as soon as I feel like it. the Speaker was Mike Pilvachi – last time I heard him I was 7,000 people back – it’s amazing what proximity can do. His talk was personally the best for me – I really heartly appreciated him and his communication with us.

10-11pm – Late Night Theology Forum with Tony Jones – I said hi to Brock Morgan on my way up to this one, he taught Aaron, Lacy and I at the Core a while back. The talk was nice because it was YP’s talking theology with published authors in the room and professors at Princeton and students at Princeton there also. It ended up focused on prayer though, which I thought was an unusal choice…but the important thing is that a theological discussion is going on at a youth ministry convention – moving our vocation in a healthy direction. Also – I noticed there were basically two kinds of theological discussers: those who try to pin you to the wall and those to try to move forward with you…I hope to be the latter, I’ll have to watch for that in me.

11:45 – picked up our pizza in the lobby and had a little pizza, pop and heartburn party in our room with the whole sacc gang. Went to bed around 2 am.


One thought on “NYWC – DAY 3 – SATURDAY

  1. i was shaking because he gave me a lighter to light to prove to the crowd that it’s not fake. than a tissue! i’m thinking he’s gonna catch me on fire! AND i’m gonna be the trick that goes wrong and dies, right there on stage. man would me mom be mad. haha! i wasn’t nervous because i was on the stage i was nervous as to what he was gonna do with me. :0!!!
    mike was also my favorite! not only was his “talk” really good, but he kept my attention the WHOLE time. this is an acomplishment to say the least. you can have my attention but keeping it is another story. haha. anyways.

    good post.

    i’m waiting for the steak night 15 blocks away post! 🙂


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