Sometimes I really really think something is true, but I can’t figure out if I am crazy or not. This is the way I feel often around the emerging conversation. I’m pretty sure of what I am thinking and believing, but am I crazy? Thankfully, the vast majority of the time, I find out I am not that crazy.

Tonight I have decided that I will need to spend some of my “fun-study” time on Apophatic theology. It is really interesting me; and not the least by this statment, which fits in the category found in the first paragraph:

God is not conceptually confinable to assumptions based on time.


6 thoughts on “Suspicions

  1. hey there james

    sounds like a great idea, just wondering what apophatic theology is? and maybe try to explain it in simple terms for me?



  2. ohhhh….. wow….

    got it. Have you talked about it much before, once I read about it, it seemed familiar like I’d heard about it before.


  3. Actually it makes pretty decent sense to me…

    God is pretty much indescribable, correct? Especially being infinite and all, and us being finite, etc…

    So if you can conclude what he is not, you get that much closer to getting a better view of who he is, while still being able to semi comprehend it…

    right? sort of? I just sort of skimmed through the definition.


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