Must be Preached

More and more I am trying to view Scripture as something that is happening, as well as something that did or will happen. The stories and the prophecies, in many ways, are current truths for me. Here’s another example; last weekend I had the opportunity to enjoy the National Youth Workers Convention, taking my wife and two interns down to Anaheim. It was amazing to me to watch the development of my interns, but also very scary. You see, I have two interns who committed to learn under me – which generally means they committed to become like me as a youth pastor. Both of them are different, but have similarities with me. James 3:1 kept going through my head, where it talks about not many of us should presume to be teachers because they are held to a higher standard and judged more strictly. This seems like a future tense prophecy. But, over the last weekend, I came to see it as a current truth as I was judged by my interns development. I could see myself in them – both in good ways and in ways that will get them in trouble later. You’d think I would sit them down and warn them, but I realize that I didn’t listen to those warnings…

It is such a priviledge to watch the future develop. As a parent, teacher, pastor and leader it is easily my favorite pay-off. So this past weekend was judgement for me. If I want my interns to come out a particular way, I have to be that way. Correcting them will just turn them into more of what I currently am – and I want to help them (and my students) become what I am trying to become.

So, my sermon that needs to be preached is this: Judgment is a good thing for the righteous. So the righteous should be seekng leadership opportunities because that will give them fast and harsh feedback/judgment on themselves.

I want to post a bunch on the NYWC, but that will have to wait. I think I am going to schedule my reflections for next week.


One thought on “Must be Preached

  1. glad to having you posting after such a long absence- you’re the one sane person blogging… that that says something of the people blogging ha ha…


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