I have been aware of what Robert weber has been doing with the Chicago Call and the new Ancient Evangelical Future Call for quite some time now. I even volunteered some input into the process. Now, there is this article in CT magazine that has an interesting note at the end:

The call says some harsh things about “separatist ecclesiologies.” But can a separatist ecclesiology be a temporary expedient?
Just today I picked up one of my favorite books—The Principle of Protestantism by Philip Schaff. Schaff does say that there is a principle of separation to bring about a correction. When that correction has been achieved, we ought quickly to unite again with the group from which we separated. He was using that with regard to the whole Protestant world and saying the Protestant world left the Catholic church for a correction. Once that correction has been made, he said, we should reunite again with the Catholic church.

It makes me wonder. One of the major things I like about my young denomination is having convergence and merging (in addition to the regular splitting away to start a new denomination) as a part of our story. It’s rather nice I’d say.

So I wonder at what point the church will re-merge and become more united. Can this even become true for the west/east split of 1057? I would pray to that end.

Unity…it’s a great truth.


4 thoughts on “Convergence

  1. so you want to merge and emerge? And the whole east/west thing was in the mid 1990’s dude. Ever heard of tupac, or were you busy clubbing seals up north?

    can you drink beer in your denomination? And if it is a new denom., can you drink old beer?


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