High School Camp

I spent the last week at Mayfield camp – my first year not as a counsellor and got to be in the “leader” group. It’s been interesting watching the younger generation of youth pastors take the reigns as the olders move on to new things that the Lord is calling them to. Many changes to many different parts of camp. One of my favorites was the willingness to create artistic stations (they did look a little ghetto, but nobody told me to bring my candles…lol).

In a horribly scary moment a student named Bryan was severly injured and remains in the hospital at this moment. Your prayers for him and his family are appropriate and appreciated.

I taught two classes, one called “My Jesus can beat up you Jesus” and another called “Go to church or go to Hell”. If those make you nervous, you can relax, they weren’t exegetical theology classes, they were practical theology classes. OK – so maybe you shouldn’t relax. Here’s some of my favorites from the week:

“Christine Brinkman is so hot.”

“Am I fired yet?”

“Throw it up one more time.”

“What?! No flips or pyramids, that’s weak. 6.”

“Mary was pregnant and didn’t even get to have sex for it.” (That one surprised even me!)

“Fricken Wicked.”

“$#@%&^!” – said by the speaker…

“So, do y’all have room on your bus for about 14 kids?”

“No, I’m not actually from California…”

“How do they all know this dance?”

“I’m staying in the honeymoon tent…”


OK – so most of my classes were videotapes by Jon, who I have to get in touch with through Josh, so I’ll try to get those on utube and posted here as soon as I can.

K – later-


5 thoughts on “High School Camp

  1. oh come on, it wasn’t that bad of a word…oh and I find it funny that on Wednesday you were all like, we just missed the chance to hear *insert my real name here(yeah I’m still paranoid about the internet)* cuss.

    News flash: I had already told it to Chelsea and some of my coworkers.

    I also find it funny that the democratic party willingly associates itself with the word and animal… :)(atleast Elephants are supposed to have a good memory…not just a common work animal)


  2. explanations:

    we played the pirate dice game that someone brought – it’s actually really sweet

    Brinkman was the brand of barbeque we bought for the camp – it was stainless steel and so pretty…so she needed a good name…

    Also- I’ve always wondered about the animals for political parties – we never had that in canada, it was different colors instead. I hope the guy who picked the donkey got fired, he kinda screwed his party’s PR campaign!


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