Jaws came out when I was very young. I am afraid of sharks and because of that I hate them. I hate being afraid of anything. So I think I need to make it one of my life goals to touch a shark.

maybe a small one in captivity would be a good baby step…


5 thoughts on “Sharks

  1. Ha ha

    that’s like me and Jurassic Park, thanks to the commercials for it, I wasn’t able to watch any movie with anything that resembled a raptor or T Rex for awhile.

    I still don’t really like watching any movies with cg Dinosaurs(carnivorous) in it.


  2. because i’m your friend and you’ve helped me grow and get through things i’d be more than happy to help you with your (what we will call…) Phobia. i will arrange you to be thrown into a tank of sharks. or just dropped off in the middle of the ocean for a couple days. 🙂 man what would you do without me.


  3. “maybe a small one in captivity would be a good baby step… “

    I just remembered this.

    Have you ever been to the Aquarium in Newport? They have that glass tunnel through one of the tanks, the walk through it has three stages, the last of which has a bunch of small sharks(If I remember correctly they’re like 3-ish feet long) in it. I’ve been through that thing twice, it’s pretty cool, and it’s not extremely long of a tunnel either.


  4. james- joyce is a liar. i too am afraid of sharks and water. these tunnels scare the crap out of me. i stand at one end and wait for a clearing through the middle of the path and i take off running through it. it’s scary. what if the glass breaks? i chances of it happening are slim to none but…..nevertheless it’s still scary. i would advise against these tunnels. just stay away from sharks forever. why do you need to be their friend? they don’t like you…..unless they’re nawing on your leg. don’t do it….
    hope you have a good day. 🙂


  5. Those sharks aren’t big enough to take down anything but a large fish. Do you think they’d let you walk through it if it wasn’t safe? Besides you were the one wanting to throw him in with a tank of sharks, may I add without protective glass. 🙂


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