This is my final opinion on Mark Driscoll….drumroll: I love the guy.
Like he cares.
I don’t always agree with his statements, or with his apporaches, but I do agree with a huge stinking lot of what he is doing and how he is doing it. Why do I put this post up? basically because I have been wavering for three years with what to think about the pastor who I totally relate to, but is just so different than me at the same time. Finally, three things have cemented my thoughts:

1. He changes. His opinion on things 5 years ago is diferent than now. This gives me permission to be the same. So I can blog and not have to worry about it when my kids read it 3 years from now, because I am in process.

2. I just finished his new book. I am going to go through it on this blog. It has moved me.

3. The advertisements for the men’s retreat at marshill seattle are posters with the picture of David carrying Goliath’s head over his shoulder back home. That is what men’s ministry should be about. The MEN in the Bible….

4. I know I only said three…but on Mark’s blog today he put a whole post on Ulimate Fighting and had this line about why more men aren’t in church:

So, I’ll just say that while young men are watching tough men compete, the reason they don’t go to most churches is because they could take the pastor and can’t respect a guy in a lemon-yellow sweater, sipping decaf and talking about his feelings.

Bring it.


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