You have to read this…

I came accross this article today on Mike King’s blog (see Sidebar). The main points are thus:

How has this unfortunate situation come about?1) We have been more focused on sin than the sinner.

2) We have been more concerned with creating a safe society than with making a positive impact on culture.

3) We have bought into the notion that we could effect a change upon society through politics.

4) We have opted for morality over the gospel.

5) We have become the self-appointed last line of defense that God doesn’t need and never asked for.

And the best line is:

Who told us to become the Moral Majority? Why was that the most important thing? If we were listening to Jesus, why wouldn’t we have become the Merciful Minority, infiltrating the world with God’s love?

You can read John Fischer’s article here: The Separation of Church and Hate.


One thought on “You have to read this…

  1. Oh my gosh. You keep writing things that I have been feeling for so long. Politics, which are horribly hard, are still easier than evangelism. Developing a “moral opinion” is easier than developing compassion and a plan of outreach. Doing is sometimes easier than being, don’t ya think? Business as usual is SO much easier than changing my big fat stuck in the mud mind and seeing things differently. I totally own this and hate it.


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