Driscoll, Driscool, Driscol

While I have no idea how to spell his name, Mark Driscoll has been stirring up quite a storm since he has decided to try his hand at blogging.

I have talked of my differences with Driscoll (my best guess at the spelling) on this blog before, he really took the cake when I listened to a sermon by him in which he said all methodism is plainly stupid. It takes a lot of something to dismantle a whole number of denominations, including my own, based on your own interpretations of Scripture. So now he has been blogging a bit and is throughly weird in the way he contexts each post with a meeting with a well known Christian. I don’t even know what to think of that

Now, Mark has GONE OFF! on several people associated with the Emergent organization, especially Padgitt and McClaren. Both of these men I have disagreements with theologically, but from both of these men I have learned. But Driscoll has gotten rather out of hand and is being, in my judgment, unkind.

Cuss all you want Mark, but it doesn’t make you any cooler to me. In the words of a recent PBS documentary on the punk music scene, “It’s easy to say %$@*-(#&, but it’s way harder to get up and do something.” So, don’t give me empty and sarcastic and ignorant words. It’s a waste.


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