Driscoll, Driscool, Driscol

While I have no idea how to spell his name, Mark Driscoll has been stirring up quite a storm since he has decided to try his hand at blogging.

I have talked of my differences with Driscoll (my best guess at the spelling) on this blog before, he really took the cake when I listened to a sermon by him in which he said all methodism is plainly stupid. It takes a lot of something to dismantle a whole number of denominations, including my own, based on your own interpretations of Scripture. So now he has been blogging a bit and is throughly weird in the way he contexts each post with a meeting with a well known Christian. I don’t even know what to think of that

Now, Mark has GONE OFF! on several people associated with the Emergent organization, especially Padgitt and McClaren. Both of these men I have disagreements with theologically, but from both of these men I have learned. But Driscoll has gotten rather out of hand and is being, in my judgment, unkind.

Cuss all you want Mark, but it doesn’t make you any cooler to me. In the words of a recent PBS documentary on the punk music scene, “It’s easy to say %$@*-(#&, but it’s way harder to get up and do something.” So, don’t give me empty and sarcastic and ignorant words. It’s a waste.


Blue Like Jazz

I have just recently finished don Miller’s book, Blue Like Jazz and am kicking myself for not reading it earlier. I got a signed copy “with love” and it is now a really treasured book to me. You can get your own signed copy if you buy it directly from his website, where you can also get the images from the book. And by images, I mean cartoons.

Like Phillip Yancey, I drink up the writing of Miller, as he is a writer who writes of theology. As opposed to other authors, who are theologians who theologize about writing. If that makes no sense, think of it this way, Miller’s book is easy to read, but will challenge and convict you if you allow the Spirit to work in your heart through it.

Here are some quotes and questions that affected me:

p.2 “the chasm that separated me from God was as deep as wealth and as wide as fashion.”

What’s your chasm?

p. 15 “there was this blowhard preacher talking about how television rots your brain. He said that when we are watching television our minds are working no harder than when we are sleeping. I thought that sounded heavenly. I bought one that afternoon.”


p. 91 the interaction about worshipping the golden calf might be the best paragraph ever written.

p. 135 “So we started praying every week that God would teach us to live missoinal lives, to notice people who needed to be loved.”

So Kimball says that we need to pray missionary prayers – do you have any idea what that sounds like?

Home and Native Land

So I learned last night flipping through watching Hardball on CNBC that Paul Martin had conceded the Canadian election to Stephen Harper. My first thought was, what a normal name for a leader – and my is he good looking! Easily the best looking Canadian leader since Sheila Copps and Pierre Trudeau. It’s also heartwarming to see the NDP resurging. Nice in a “Yes to Nuclear Power” way, not in a “Shoot my .22 at the rockets over the prairies” way.

He’s promising policy over pizzaz and is expected to improve international relationships (with the USAmericans especially) and bring the course of the country rightward, which, I think, is an improvement on the Liberal party’s last 13 years. Not that I hope Canada becomes like Puerto Rico or Vigin Islands – I just hope they stop making ridiculous policy reforms that make Canada look like more of an experiment than a country.

Mostly, though, I hope for a better exchange rate: paying off my student loans is easier that way!!


This is a special post for the sunday night college group!

Here’s a link to the article that I want us all to read through:

Donald Miller, The Campus Confession Booth

Read it and we’ll talk about it on Sunday night. Be sure to know that I don’t want to go and set up a confession booth at Reed College or at LBCC or anywhere for that matter. Don’t look at this as a programming option, rather, consider their creativity in ministering to their community – then ask:

What does it mean for us to minister creatively to our Albany? our world?

The eagle lands sunday night at 7:30, reading the last half of the chapter from the Velvet Elvis also.

Lj – emerging theologian

my son visits me today…

lj: what are you doing daddy?

me: looking at some films to help people learn to follow Jesus.

lj: oh

me: do you follow Jesus?

lj: yes!

me: what kind of a difference does that make in your life?

lj: My life is the blue one.

Christmas Eve

This is my attempt to debunk the rumors:

WE launched 208 super balls into the air during the 6 pm Christmas eve service. Way more than the rumored 100.

Just kidding, of course. but you can listen to my teaching on the giving joy this past Christmas by going to the South Albany Community Church website and listening in.

It will only be up for a few weeks, after that it is shuffled off – so check now!!

Listen here