Milk Carton: My blog

So, I’m not posting as much as I should. It’s a sign that I am getting a little overwhelmed.

Heather is having the baby any time in the new couple weeks, days, whatever.

We are planning 3 unique, yet interconnected Christmas Eve/Morning Services – a family service hosted by Scott and I – that’s it – a contemplative 11’o’clocker – and a normal sunday service that I won’t have to do much at.

We are moving toward planting a new congregation within our context.

My personal small group is bustling.

I am trying to recruit more leaders for Driven HS Ministry.

Oh yeah – and I’m drinking a lot of coffee.


One thought on “Milk Carton: My blog

  1. but are you finding better jokes? this is the important thing. ha ha. I’m totally kidding. James, you are kicking butt. i’m very impressed with the job you are doing. you are the reason i struggle because i know i’ll never be as good as you. j/k i am your right hand man. wo-man. let me know if i can help you, or if i’m making it harder. keep up the good work. (put THAT in your affrimation file 🙂 )

    ~Facy Lox


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