The Relevant Church, Jennifer Ashley ed.

Great leaders don’t always make great writers.

This book is a collection of stories from church planters of “emerging” churches. In some cases, really great, in other cases, it’s like reading the diary of someone I want to emulate, but they just talk about crap. It’s a really, really easy read, especially when you skim through the chemical waste.

This is the first book I’ve read from Relevant Books, which makes me nervous that Relevant Media Group has so filled a gap in Christian marketing that they think they can get away with anything (ring a Bell-South?).

Meanwhile, there are some great people writing in this book, and they have some great quotes, with the appropriate writer attributed.

– Brian Kay

“It is impossible to be a follower of Christ and not be a part of a local church. There, I said it.”

“…others go from church to church in an effort to put together a smorgasboard of the best teaching, best music, best small group, best whatever. Church hopping is the only tolerated promiscuity in Christian culture”

Alex McManus

” ‘Creativity is the natural result of spirituality’ “

“We would have to be Rafiki…we shake a coconut, throw some dust, do a little dance and can’t figure out how to cover our butts.”

– Jason Zahariades

“Yet, over it’s long history, Israel distorts its vocation as a blessing to the nations. Rather than being an inclusive transformative community, it accentuates its distinct ethnic identity in order to keep the other nations at bay.”

not bad. but not that great.


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