Best compliment I ever got was from my current Senior Pastor.

After interviewing (auditioning?) for the youth ministry position (part?) out here in Oregon he called and told my wife that we “are….very…real.”

We thought that was great, because that is the image that we really want to project. Moreover, it is who we really want to be. One of my big struggles is to balance that realness with love. I see lots of people who claim to be “real” but they’re really just jerks.

Jerks in sheeps clothing, sounds like the Bible.

The way that the millenial generation (now showing in a youth group near you) uses the interent as a virtual confessional. It seems to be the modern equivalent to the Catholic confessional booth. Where you couldn’t really see the priest, though you knew who he was. The priest was like a guide for your confession to God. Everyone has seen the movies, maybe some have actually been to confess, you know what I am talking about.

Recently, I was asked if the leaders in our church read my blog, or if I keep it a secret from them. I hope they read my blog. I doubt they even know what a blog is. But the bigger question exists still, “Do I get a rush out of confessing what might be read?” Even more so, is that a prevailing reason why this wired-confessional is working the way that it is?

Perhaps that is the way God designed human beings. It is supposed to feel good to confess our sins, not only to God, but to one another, to true friends. To be willing to admit why we hate ourselves and what we suck at, but can’t seem to overcome, no matter how hard we pray. Maybe God was thinking we could help each other.

Nevertheless, the virtual confessional continues and I am amazed by it. Kids who want to allow people into their hearts, but are afraid that heart will get stomped on. Afriad because their heart has treadmarks on it already. Pre-stomped by friends, teachers, parents, pastors, themselves. If this is even a bit true, then it is no surprise that blogging is turning into a virtual millenial confessional. It is no surprise that kids hide their blogs from their parents/authority figures.

So what to do about it?


3 thoughts on “Children, HIDE YOUR BLOGS!

  1. wow. thats so true. thats why i don’t write honestly in my blog anymore (not that i lie but i don’t write what im really feeling) hhhmmmm….maybe this could change, maybe it shouldn’t!?


  2. Hey James this is Meghan I so goet that because I can type what it is that I am feeling or thinking because of my mom… She reads everything that I type and then gets all crazy about it… So it’s like there are very few people that do know what I am feeling or thinking… It’s really hard some times because I’m going through alot you know… Well thats all I have to say…


  3. This is Mollie, I don’t remember my name or anything from here…

    I just wanted to say that I think you’re a good, wise, honest, and interesting man and I miss seeing you and talking with you.

    Have a good day.


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