Post Industrial Christianity

Today I pray that I will be able to outlive industrial, market-driven Christianity. Pastors have attempted to become professionals and have given away what makes them distinct in the process. I digress…

>>>The United Church of Canada’s pastors are seeking to join the Canadian Auto Workers Union. For protection from their congregations.

>>>Pastors read business management books as the key to becoming better pastors. I don’t like this very much at all. It reminds me too much of a quote from the book “Dining with the Devil” by Os Guinness (which I have not read, have only read this quote),

Whenever I met a Buddhist leader, I meet a holy man, Whenever I meet a Christian leader, I meet a manager. —comment of a Japanese businessman

>>>In an industrial society, value is measured by efficient production. Western Christianity needs to be reoriented and corrected to see that production is not success in our mission.

>>>I think many leaders in modern western Christianity read the Great Commission to say to go into all the world and make lots of disciples. They have inserted the word lots. Of course, I hope that all would come to follow Jesus in the rythyms of God’s grace and experience the best life possible, but we have added the word ‘lots’ and created a culture, influenced by the modern, western industrial revolution, that values production.

Can I please read a book by a youth pastor who has an average size youth group? Good luck. The only one I have ever heard of is Tony Jones (and he is an excellent writer), and even he got ripped for writing prescriptive material when his youth group was just average size.

The world of western Christianity values larger churches and larger ministries more than smaller ones. We think the church in S. Korea with 75,000 members is a great thing. And we have no biblical reason for thinking this way.

If God thought this way,

There would have been more animals in the ark.

Earth wouldn’t be so freaking tiny in comparison to the universe.

Jesus would have been taller.

Jesus would have had more than 3 people who cared about him at his execution.

Judas would have been fired/laid off/let go a whole lot earlier.

The number of people who became Xns at Pentecost (3,000) wouldn’t relate so dang exactly to the story of the Levites when Aaron built the golden calf for the Israelites.

If God thought this way, he would actually want to know how many people you witnessed to before you died. Is that biblical? NO. NONONONONONONONONONONONONO. NO.

That’s just industrial Christianity.

Addenum: I must be feeling good. I shaved all up and am ranting profusly. Must be that freezing cold Canadain air.


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