I’m in the EST zone and celebrated new year’s early compared to normal. I’m going to stay up till at least three so that I can celebrate the new year in my new homeland…this was a shorter year for me, by three hours…

This is supposed to be a super introspective time and all, planing for the new year and making resolutions to break. But since I am on such a great vacation I haven’t had a lot of time for quiet and introspection. A few years ago I would have felt guilty, Lord knows the old quiet times haven’t been amazing, or daily during this fast moving vacation. But these days I am much more relaxed and secure in my salvation and relationship with Jesus. I follow Him, meaning I orient my life to do what he did and practice what he taught. It’s not a set of rules that have to be kept (legalism rules, right); but it is my close friend, who creates a universe when he is bored. Scot McKnight goes so far as to say that spiritual disciplines are for people who are immarture in their faith. You can search his blog for a link, I can’t find it right now.

So it’s a new year and we’re going to give this another whirl.

This year I hope to learn some real spiritual practices. Develop a rule of life. Become even more mellow….or i will seem to those who look at me….they don’t see the intense fire on the inside.

I’m out like 2004.


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