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It’s not every day I’m going to do an advertisemenst for Zondervan, but Rob Lacey, a theatre preformer who has created a Bible paraphrase that is able to be acted out. I got a DVD at the convention and it has some clips on it – very cool.

It’s like the message, or the NCV, but a step further. The coolest part is that he says revelation sounds like John was on drugs. That is so true…



I’m at the National Youth Worker’s Convention (a YS product!) and I can’t get through a single theory session without hearing about postmodernism (henceforth referred to as poshizzle). The problem I have is that most of the mentions are talking about the fad that comes after seeker-sensitive (who’s not a seeker?).

I use the term in the sense of what comes after the last FIVE HUNDRED years of the development of the modernist system. It’s not a fad – it is where I live.

Also –

I went to a reimagining youth ministry forum – dang – there’s a lot of YP’s who don’t have their poshizzle together. A lot of the stuff that they suggested I already believe and practice.

Live from ATL – James <><

Listen, for the life of your soul is at stake!

Isaiah 55:3, The Living Bible

I somehow got a pre-release copy of a Leonard Sweet book. I copied it to word and printed it, I don’t know how I got it – it seems to be a rought draft of an entire book! It is a book on leadership that examines Ernest Shackleton on his expeditions to and around the Antarctic. He seems to have been an inspiring and brave leader, whose story has much to teach leaders today. If you hate to read, you can pick up the movie, Endurance.

From what I can tell it’s the book Summoned to Lead, which you can buy at Wal-Mart . This is the first Sweet book I have ever read and have since purchased another, Aqua Church, but it’s a little down on my list.

Here are the interesting quotes from this rough draft of this book.

“the words ‘ear’ and ‘wisdom’ are the same in Sumerian.””In postmodern culture ther is a new respect for ‘losers’ and ‘successful failures’ –those who didn’t quite achieve their dreams, but generated a story in the quest.”

“One of the reasons Shackleton ‘failed’ was because relationships were more important to him than achievement, colleagues more important than conquests and campaigns.”

“Every person decides whether to leave footprints that will last beyond a lifetime, or that will sink in the sands of time.”

“You don’t lead. no one does. You only exercise leadership.”

“The voice of a leader communicates truth beyond words, turth that sometimes goes beyond even the comprehension of leaders themselves. Leaders are those for whom voice- even more than words – is a way of life.”

“You fight until hell freezes over. Then you fight on the ice.” –Quoting US Senator Richard Russell

“perhaps sometimes it is best to be blind, so one can see the way things really are, and not be blinded by the way they look.” -Quoting William Wharton

“Hire attitude and aptitude. Train for skill.”

“[Jim] Collins describes such [‘great’] leaders as ‘modest and willful, shy and fearless.’ These people ‘llok in the mirror’ to apportion blame for poor preformances, and ‘look out the window’ to credit success. These leaders have ambition, ‘first and foremost for the company and concern for its success ranter than for [their] own riches and personal renown.’ ”

“Why pay people to work if you can’t celebrate their work?”

“Men wanted for Hazardous Journey. Small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return. Honour and recognition in the case of success.” –legendary Shackleton advertisement by Shackleton for 1914 Antarctic expedition

“People will put in time for a job; people will give their lives for a mission.”

“We have as a Pilot one who sleeps in the back of boats.”

“books have become cigars for the brain.”

“Intuition comes to those who are prepared.”

Bruce Mau Design

Here’s a neat-o thing I’ve been pondering over – It’s from a Toronto design company who are seemingly very progressive. It’s called and Incomplete Manifesto for Growth.

I’d print it here, but that would make two superflously long posts and that doesn’t jibe (mad props to TJ) for me.

In other news…

E.M. Blaiklock, The Archaeology of the New Testament

This is a really fab. book – I didn’t underline anything because I didn’t see it as a life-changing book – it was full, however, of background and contextual information. It had an especially great examination of Pontius Pilate’s political career. The book is out of print, but available at used book stores, one of which is available in the title link. Why are good books ever out of print?

I have been working into my definition of truth that truth always exists in context. Even within the Trinity (within which Jesus said, “I am the Truth”), truth exists in relational context as the three are one.  That means there is no such thing as absolutely abstract, objective truth; in order to be observed, truth must pass through a context. I think this may make some people nervous….but it makes sense. Jesus was the truth – he was not a statement or a policy. He was a man in the context of men who brought them himself, which was/is the same as bringing the truth.

Truth… think about it.