God likes to stay a little hidden

I see this way that God constantly goes to metaphors.  And Jesus does too in the parables, expecially when talking about the kingdom of heaven.  Metaphors are limited in complete understanding and inherently wrong when taken to (theological) extremes.

Even the notion of God as Father has led me to absolutely declare that God is a man….

Stupid me.

I wonder how much of our faith, and our understanding of God, comes in metaphors.  How much of God’s revelation of himself is purposefully given in ways that keep us from making absolute statements and going to extremes that will make us look silly 500 years from now or sooner…I think this may be truer than may of us may be comfortable with.

Further, by using metaphors that are inherently flawed at extremes, does God keep us from knowing absolutely?  Does this help keep our faith from being knowledge?  hmm…


3 thoughts on “God likes to stay a little hidden

  1. It seems not quite right to say that God doesn’t want us to know him. May it’s just that we can’t..not in this life anyway. Maybe parables and metaphors are the most our little brains can handles and come closest to the truth we can know…?


  2. So the real question becomes: Are we inherently limited in understanding God because of our finite desing? And, if so…do we have to assume that it is a purposeful part of our design.


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