San Francisco via Yreka

I’m back from San Francisco!

It was an intense and meaningful week. The service we did in the communities was outstanding and we helped to make people’s lives just a little closer to the reality that Christ has for them. It wrecked me to see the situations kids were in and to think of my own son, for whom I take so much for granted.

Perhaps most personally moving for me was driving through Yreka, CA both ways. It was, of course, the home of Mike Yaconelli, one of my life shapers. I spent time praying for youth workers and pastors all over the world while driving through as I was struck that I am sure prayers for youth pastors, myself included, had risen from that valley so many times before. Mike certainly did not know my name, but he knew my heart, and that’s the best! I’ll end with a backdoor qoute from Yaconelli…

I’m in awe of youth workers, and I think Jesus is, too.

I just wish the Church felt the same.


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