King Henry

“Whosoever does not have the stomach for this fight, let him depart.

Give him money to speed his departure, since we do not wish to die in that man’s company.

For whosoever lives past this day and comes home safely will rouse himself every year on this day,

show his neighbors his scars, and tell embellished stories of all the great feats of battle.

These stories he will teach to his sons and from this day until the end of the world,

we shall be remembered.

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers.

For whosoever shall shed his blood with me today shall be my brother, and those men afraid to go will think themselves as lesser men to hear how we fought and died together.”

~ Henry V, William Shakespeare

This is just a quote I love and have loved for a number of years. I first came upon it when I was in the reserves and I am reading it to the missions team tonight. It is just a great representation of the unequaled comraderie that is experienced when men and women experience battle together.

Soldiers of the cross…


Whale Rider

>Whale Rider

I saw the movie and loved it, but it was a little on the slow side…it has that in common with the other N.Z. movie, The Piano. However, both movies were equally moving. Whale Rider has cool symbolism and is a movie that can spark neat conversations among those of us who are connected to something very, very old (Giglio).

One short disclaimer: I am biased from my trip to N.Z. and my eternal desire to visit once again, and by visit, I mean 10 years. Hence my continued hope that this earth is so very similar to the new earth – that this earth is the material used for the next.

Old is the new new


It’s just a wondering that I am having…how come so many things that I love and see as so very progressive, come from England. I need to move to New Zealand!

Social Lending Program

I am now a member of the Albany public library. I picked up two videos for LJ and a Dougla Couplan book, Microserfs.

I am a fan of Coupland from way back, and it caused me to have to take a bath and read this morning.

Oh and by the way –

Acquire the Fire? Again?

Back from the weekend…

I am back from ATF, where 7,000 kids where and 45,000 seemed to get saved. It was kind of the land of the altar call. Funny, I wonder how many kids who responded to the “recommit” call on Saturday had just been up at the altar call the night before getting saved. It is kind of funny for me, but I also understand how synthetic/conventional faith is encouraged at these big conferences. Josh McDowell was absolutely outstanding. I was very impressed, encouraged and convicted by his story. And Ron Luce’s final session was the best final session I have ever seen at ATF. He talked about the difference between a disciple and a member of the crowd. I really appreciated the way it spoke to our kids.

We also attended mars hill church in Seattle. It really ministered to me as well. I think myself more than the high schoolers I was with. I think they were a little tired after the weekend. but I loved it and would encourage you to visit with them if you are in the Seattle area.

I have another big trip this weekend.


I’ll let you know how it goes. I still want to talk abit about my lecture with McLaren, so that will come.