New Kind of Christian

So, yes…it is rocking my world…

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Rocking my world


Lake Show

Oh my Lakers…

Last Sunday I was blessed by God to sit and watch a Lakers game with my son. He’s learning.

I love the Lakers, and will always, most likely. But what on earth is going on? Why are all the stars falling apart, lliterally?

Two things need done:

1. Fire the trainer. Or get him some training!

2. Realize it’s Shaq’s team and allow Him the touch the ball every time down the floor. He should lead the league in points, assists and rebounds. But His team doesn’t believe me.

What is the emerging church?

What is the emergent church?

I was asked today, twice, and couldn’t form an answer. Maybe that’s what it is…a church, a group of people following God without the answer.

Are answers a modern imposition on following Christ?

I think I am going to spend some time trying to delineate the impositions of modernism on Christianity.  Then we may be able to forecast the impact of future cultural shifts.


I’m back from a busy weekend.

We did the 30 hour Famine this weekend for the first time with this group. It was really cool and fun to have the kids go through the things they did.

I am a little brain dead right now – more inteligence later!